Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions are the terms and conditions upon which The New Season Florist makes available to you. By paying the booking fee/total sum to secure your floral tributes, arrangements or designs with The New Season Florist, you agree to the following terms and conditions.

1. Products

1.1 Certain Products may be delivered in bud to ensure longer life.
1.2  Some Products, Flowers and Plants may be harmful or poisonous, if you require further information before submitting an order please contact me.
1.3 All Products are subject to availability. In the event of any supply difficulties, The New Season Florist reserve the right to substitute a previously agreed ingredient or component within a design of equivalent value and quality without notice.

2. Ordering and Delivery

2.1 Due to the seasonal nature of flowers The New Season Florist may on rare occasions substitute in other flower types of a similar colour and size.

2.2 Whilst The New Season Florist endeavour to only show items on the website that are in stock, goods are subject to availability. If The New Season Florist do not supply the goods for any reason, The New Season Florist will not charge you for these goods and The New Season Florist will refund any money already paid for the goods. However, The New Season Florist will not be responsible for compensating you for any other losses which you may incur if The New Season Florist do not supply goods.

2.3 The New Season Florist will endeavour to deliver goods within the times stated but goods are subject to availability and delay in delivery of goods is sometimes outside of The New Season Florist control. Any dates The New Season Florist specify for the delivery of the goods are approximate only and The New Season Florist shall not be liable for any losses, costs, damages, charges or expenses caused by any delay for delivery of the goods unless caused by The New Season Florist negligence.

2.4 All images, descriptive matter, specifications and advertising on The New Season Florist website are for the sole purpose of giving an approximate description of the goods. Whilst The New Season Florist endeavour to show an accurate colour image, you are advised that there may be variations in colour between the actual goods you receive and the image that you see on The New Season Florist website.

2.5 Incorrect personal details may lead to problems or delays in delivery, so before placing or confirming your order for a product or service, please ensure that you have provided full address and telephone details, including accurate postcode of the address or venue and your contact telephone number or e-mail address so that The New Season Florist can notify you in the event that any delivery problems are encountered.

2.6 Wedding flowers will be delivered or set up at a time previously agreed between The New Season Florist and you. If for any reason The New Season Florist are not able to meet the delivery or set up time, you will be notified as soon as feasibly possible.

3. Prices and payment

3.1 Prices listed within the The New Season Florist service proposal will remain valid for 14 days from the date sent to you. Prices in the proposal should be taken as a guide. Should the ingredients or components for the intended final design of the product or service rise significantly The New Season Florist shall notify you.

3.2 Full payment for the product or service must be received prior to the event or service and no less than 4 weeks before the event for a wedding and no less than 10 days for a funeral. 

3.3 The New Season Florist reserves the right to cancel any floral tributes, arrangements or designs, if payment is not made by this date. The New Season Florist are not obliged to offer any compensation for inconvenience caused.

3.4 Once flowers have been confirmed, any subsequent changes made to an order must be submitted in writing by the customer, couple or appointed acting party. 

3.5 The New Season Florist will order your flowers approximately seven to ten days before your delivery date, dependent on type of flowers chosen.

3.6 You will not be allowed to make any significant changes after the order has been placed without additional fees. The New Season Florist will, however try to make small changes where possible to accommodate your needs.

4. Allergies and Safety Warning

4.1 The New Season Florist strongly advise you to check with your recipient if they have any allergies towards certain flowers.

4.2 Please note that some flowers such as Lilies can be toxic if ingested by Dogs and Cats. The New Season Florist can not be held responsible for any issues resulting from flower allergies or illness in pets.
4.3 Please note that Chocolates and other edible gifts may contain traces of milk, gluten, nuts or nut oil or may have been produced alongside other products containing these ingredients.

5. Wedding Flowers and Event Styling 

5.1 The New Season Florist will personally deliver and set up your flowers unless otherwise agreed. For large events trusted assistants are brought in to ensure smooth and timely set up.

5.2 The New Season Florist accept no responsibility for any damage caused by flames or lit candles at an event once The New Season Florist have left the set up. Whilst The New Season Florist can provide candles and candle vessels, it is usually the caterer and/or venue staff that light them and The New Season Florist will not therefore be held accountable for any damage caused by them.

5.3 The New Season Florist accepts no responsibility for failure to collect, wear or use any arrangements for specific use by the bridal party, i.e. buttonholes or bouquets, once they have been left by The New Season Florist at the relevant and pre-agreed venue.  Any oversight to correctly collect and, for example, pin on buttonholes on behalf of the wedding party as a whole, or by an individual, remains the responsibility of said wedding party and/or individual.

5.4 The New Season Florist requires that The New Season Florist are the sole provider of floral arrangements and/or fresh flowers and foliage décor as well as any event styling/dressing. If you wish to add your own arrangements, please notify me.

5.5 Please note, other than church flower teams, The New Season Florist will not work or partner with any other provider of floral décor or event styling companies for your event. This is non-negotiable.

6. Cancellation of a Wedding Designs or Event Styling

6.1 Cancellation of products or service must be notified as soon as reasonably possible. Any booking fee paid will be retained regardless of the circumstances of the cancellation. The New Season Florist must receive full payment 4 weeks before the event. If you cancel your event within this time, after The New Season Florist have received payment from you, The New Season Florist will be unable to offer a refund, and will retain the full amount. Please see below for following timescales and refund amounts:

  • 9 months or more before event date: Booking fee retained, no further payment required

  • 6-8 months before the event date: Booking fee retained, and an admin fee of £150 required

  • 3-5 months before the event date: Booking fee retained, and 50% of final amount payable

  • 4 weeks – 3 months before the event date: Booking fee retained, and 75% of final amount payable

  • 4 weeks up to event date: Booking fee retained, and full amount payable

7. Cancellation of Funeral Tributes

7.1 Orders may be amended or cancelled up to 3 working days before the intended delivery date.

7.2 Any deposit fee paid will be retained regardless of the circumstances of the cancellation.

7.3 To amend or cancel your order, please contact The New Season Florist.

7.4 Orders may not be cancelled on or after the requested order delivery date.

8. Hired Props, Styling and Décor 

8.1 The New Season Florist will charge you a deposit for any hired items.

8.2 Items hired or borrowed from The New Season Florist shall at all times remain the property of The New Season Florist. You are responsible for the goods during the hire period from the time of delivery until the goods are accepted back into the possession of The New Season Florist.

8.3 All items must be returned in the condition they were delivered or a replacement fee for the item will be charged. The hire period for all goods supplied by The New Season Florist will be variable and agreed prior to hire day, along with details for return/collection.

8.4 The refund of the deposit on hired items will be made within 28 days of their return providing that the card or bank details are supplied. Such details will be held on file until completion of all transactions and then destroyed in accordance with the Data Compliance Act.

8.5 The New Season florist reserves the right to retain the deposit and make additional charges in respect of any loss of and/or damage to the hired items.

9. Complaints about product or service

9.1 In the event that you are not satisfied with The New Season Florist product or service, any complaints should be addressed in the first instance, and within 1 working day of the delivery date, to:
Email                   thenewseason217@gmail.com

Telephone          07742 292470