New Blog Life.

In short, this blog will be about; motherhood, self employment as a single mother, relationships, my degree and career, finances, how I balance my work, social and family life, growth and personal development.

As many of you may know, I have taken a rather private approach to my personal life and business. This dates back to 2016, I graduated from university, had a healthy baby boy who is now nearly 4 (omg!!!) and am a business owner. I am also back at this social media thing in hopes to reach out to other business owners, mummy’s, ladies, people seeking realignment of their lives and to destress my little brain, I love speaking about my stresses, it’s therapeutic.

I just want to give everyone a feel for what this “new me, new blog” will be like. I don’t want to just dive in and start waffling on because so much has happened!

So, I finished my degree in May 2016. I got a 2:1 and was so chuffed with myself. I didn’t get the best grades at A-level, but thanks to hard work and a great personal statement and a reference from my favourite teacher, I was lucky enough to be accepted to Canterbury Christ Church University and omg it was the BEST time of my life, if I could I would always be in education. I was coming to the end of a really shit, violent and abusive relationship with my ex partner and was so ready for the next chapter of my life. I realised I could do so much better than what I was getting and tbh I was suffering with depression and anxiety. Not to mention the physical abuse got so bad, the Police were involved. At this time I was in contact with Princes Trust as well as about to start work experience with Katie Piper. I had a business plan together and was so full of positivity it was almost cringeworthy. I fell sick with what I thought was tonsillitis. I missed my period that month and just put it down to me just getting over the tonsillitis, me being massively stressed, I was badly attacked that month by my ex partner so figured the stress and illness must have caused me to miss my period. My body was always very sensitive to that kind of stuff. Anyway, about 4 days pass and I’m kind of like 'um I might be pregnant but I might not be,. I called my Mum and she was like “do a test to be sure” she grabbed a test for me whilst she was out because I was too poorly to walk lmao. Did the test and it came back negative so I threw the test down and huffed and puffed for about 40 minutes trying to figure out why “am I like this”, on returning to my bedroom I saw another little line... my heart dropped, I grabbed the stick and ran to my Mum and literally said “what does this mean?” My mum and sister were in the kitchen and my Mum said “um, yep you’re pregnant”. I burst into tears and just remember feeling so so numb. So that’s my “find out” story covered.

I took it easy as I had some complications at the very beginning and was in and out of hospital. And due to the nature of my past relationship with my child’s father, I decided to keep a lot, actually most of my pregnancy private. I didn’t post any invasive information or scan pictures on any of my social media. And to this day I haven’t posted any pictures of my son, but that’s another blog for another day!

I graduated in September and had my bump. I was working part time in a small, local, family run business. My son was due in March, but him being as stubborn as me, was a week late and is actually an April baby. He turned 1 a few weeks ago, I have just got things back on track and I am finding that I have a whole lot of stories and new passions that I want to share.

I hope you follow me on what I know is going to be an eventful and wonderful journey!

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