Anything Is Possible

This is for the family and friends who have been there for me throughout my life. I have been thinking about posting some stuff for a while. I wish to spread a few words.

You need to learn to trust your heart. Even when you are taken off track in life. Believe that all the dots, failures and successes will connect somewhere in your future and guide you to greatness. It will give you the power and confidence to trust yourself and your heart, most importantly - yourself. Attitudes like this make all the difference. Everyone's time is limited, no one knows their destiny, but you can work on your own dream and create your own destiny. Do not let a day go by where you haven't laughed, loved or made someone around you feel special. Above all, do not live someone else's life. Do not be trapped in dogma. Have your own opinion and listen to your inner voice, let it be heard. Do not focus on negative people around you, be so busy loving your life, you cant find time to pay attention to people bringing you down, people bringing you down are already below you. If someone does not know you personally, do not take it personal. Make time to invest in you! Find what you love in life. As true as work, learning and loving. Your dream and career plays a large part in your life and the only way to be satisfied in life is to find what you love, what you think is great work and worth your time, major in that major things. If you haven't got to where you want to be, do not give up. Follow your heart because deep down instincts know your ability and know where you want to go. Never kill your spirit - create autonomy in small groups between your family and friends. Without self belief and self change from deep within we cannot develop. What would life be if we never grew or developed and made ourselves 'happy'? Recognise your path to success and focus on your fate. The decisions we make will determine our destiny's. There will be downs and lows, but it is the courage you gain getting back up that matters, that will change you. My family lost my Dad a few years ago and we all decided to get up, I got up for my Mum, my younger brother and sister and my family. That experience made me the person I am today. The point I am making is; it is clear that there are NO exception or excuses as to why you shouldn't become a better person and get to where you want to be in life. Fear can and will hold you back. It is down to you to determine your destiny. I have always been taught to try my hardest and no matter how hard the fall, you stand back up (with laughter!). And that principle and ritual has made me who I am today. I took responsibility of my destiny and conditioned my mind. Disciplined and contained my emotions and I focused on what I wanted. I remember when I was younger, all I wanted to be was 'happy'. Now I have exceeded expectations and that is down to my supporting, loving and caring family and friends. Shaping me and forming my morals. Nothing is beyond reach, anything is possible and no one should easily be defeated. You get what you accept in life. Raise standards everyday because without standards you will find it easy to slip between behaviours and attitudes. To make a better standard of living you have to surround yourself with positivity and love. Trust those you love and yourself. Do not take advise, know yourself and trust yourself. Know who you want to be and become that person. Anything is possible.

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