A New Beginning

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

✨ A start to my new career blog ✨

I’ve been a florist since the age of 15. I started off as a Saturday girl doing basic cleaning and tidying. I was trained on the job by an amazing team of florist, who saw potential and drilled the skills into me. I had the privilege of being taught traditional techniques. I saw the rawness of the trade, dealing with customers first hand from my early teens. I loved it. I couldn’t see myself doing anything else. I have grown to love and live for the trends in the industry. It’s amazing how far it’s come.

Experiencing the rapid growth of my business in the last 6 months has been the best and hardest time. I have faced obstacles that have shocked me. I have had to set boundaries and standards for my business. I am trying to create a brand and build a career. It truly saddens me when I see people treating florists/floristry like it’s a “hobby”. Too often, floral arts and designs are the last to be considered for an event and quickly be the first thing to be dropped when the budget has been drawn up. And this is one of the reason the floristry industry is dying.

It’s time to rebuild the industry and show people the work that goes into it. Each individual piece is a piece of art. Floristry is a craft. Because of the nature of the products, I believe it’s time people pay more attention to details and give more credit to the industry.

It’s not just about the end piece of art you receive. It’s the 2am start, the hours spent making, the consultations, the quotes, the trips to wholesalers, matching flower colours to dresses, it’s applying personal touches to match the characteristics that I add, without being asked. I love my job, I love the peace and happiness my creations bring to people. This is a beautiful industry. It’s an underrated industry. We are creators. 🌹

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